Terry Cito

Terry Cito



Terry Cito is a humble carpenter who has picked up a few tricks of the trade of life.  An ardent student of life
and a modern day mystic.

Terry studied Numerology, Tarot, and Astrology at The Center for Truth graduating with a Dr. in Divinity in 1991.  In the pursuit of enlightenment he traveled around the country eventually winding up
at the Eslan institute where he studied under Dr James Wanless of Voyager Tarot fame and a life coach named Wowza.



After a two year stint with Dion Warwicks Psychic network doing thousands of intuitive readings with Numerology
and Tarot over the phone as well as in person, at book stores and at psychic fairs, Terry developed a unique  system of decoding the Universe to help his clients find the best possible version of themselves.

Terry practices as a  Teacher of Arcane Wisdom at Rocks and Things Metaphysical as a spiritual guide and coach
Terry offers his services and counsel to those treading the spiritual path on a donation basis.
You can reach Terry at 755-4797



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