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 A Message About Our Sponsors


  Our community group continues to grow thanks to the support of our sponsors and supporters. This year we were able to upgrade our mailing list to constant contact, develop our new website and upgrade our e-newsletter. We also been able to sponsor great presentations , including a weekend workshop with noted author, Kim Rosen. Going forward we wish to continue to bring the same amazing programs to the valley.

 Marianne Williamson said “You must learn a new way to think before you can master a new way to be”. If that is true, IONS expands our consciousness and allows us to think in ways not confined to the scientific community but to the total human experience. IONS explores our human potentials of knowing and being. It is from this freedom of thought and creativity that “new” ways of approaching the inner and outer challenges of our world emerge.

 Our all volunteer board members spend hundreds of hours lining up programs, producing the information for our newsletters and websites, managing the mailing lists and running the programs.  Your support allows us to handle all of the costs involved in this large task.

  Most importantly, you are allowing your friends and neighbors to attend these community events for a suggested donation of $5.00 or more, and we never turn our fellow community away.  They can find inspiration, a sense of community and food for thought.

When the donations were slim and we needed help to keep going we added our sponsorship program and it has allowed us to grow and we are so thankful to them.

 This is an electronic era and we felt that we needed to have the ability to communicate with a website and e-newsletter. The time, effort and ingenuity by the board is still volunteered to keep the programs coming but the additional expenses still add up. We are asking those of you who enjoy our programs and would like to supply your community with some brain and soul food to help us feed the hungry minds. Please consider sponsorship and supporting us.  There are many benefits and hours of work on your behalf in return. You can read about the benefits by clicking on:  Sponsorships Imformation →

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