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Rocks & Things..Metaphysical

About Rocks & Things… Metaphysical

By opening up Rocks & Things…Metaphysical I have a platform now to support more people in remembering who they are as well as furthering human connections to each other, different beings on this planet, including but not limited to the Stone People and of course the natural human heart connection to our beautiful planet.

Rocks & Things…Metaphysical opened in the fall of 2007 and is Located in the heart of Whitefish, Montana , 15 minutes from Whitefish Mountain Resort at Big Mountain and less than 45 minutes from the jewel of the continent Glacier National Park. If you have been drawn to Rocks & Things…Metaphyscial trust yourself and venture in. If you live too far away at least check out this website. Rocks & Things offers a unique collection of stones, crystals, jewelry, locally made drums, crystal bowls books and other things metaphysical. What does Metaphysical mean? Metaphysics is the study of things beyond the five senses. This includes shamanism, mysticism, quantum physics, energy healing and of course vibrational medicine that includes sound and crystal/stone healing.


For Truth Seekers of All Paths


Through Velvet’s own personal experiences, she has seen how having Stone People around has made her calmer, more grounded and more centered and it is because of her experiences with Stone People that she wants to share and awaken within you your connection to the mineral kingdom and the seven rays as expressed through stones.

Rocks & Things… Metaphysical is located at:

Rocks and Things … Metaphysical
404 1st Street 
Whitefish, Montana 59937 

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About Velvet

In 2003 my mother died and it was her dying process that was the first catalyst for my awakening. She had always been psychic. She knew when people died, she knew who was on the phone when it rang and she was overwhelmed by all of the pain in the world. Because of her sensitivities, she was really ready to leave this world. She wanted to go be with my grandparents who had passed on and in her words, she was “ready to go through that door so she could start her next big adventure”. As she died, it was like she passed her gifts on to me. It was like I woke up one day and had this intuitive awareness. I could feel what people were feeling in their physical bodies. I worked on a woman and I knew she was sick and she didn’t tell me, but I felt it in my body. She ended up having cancer.
Not long after my mom died a woman came into my office for me to work on. After I had worked on her she told me that spirit had been telling her to come see me, but that she had been resisting. She then asked me if I believed in reincarnation and my daughter had had some experiences when she was a toddler that convinced me that it was a definite possibility and so I told her yes. She then asked if I was an old soul. I told her that I had been told I was an old soul. She then asked me if I then felt like I was around at the time of Christ and so from a practical standpoint, I knew it was an important time in human history, so I said “Sure”. She then asked me if I knew who I was. Right then, I started thinking she was some nut job and so I said, “No”. She said, “Of course you do, close your eyes and tell me who you were.” So I did as I was told and to my surprise, I saw a golden heart and heard the word “Mary”. She said, “Right, so which Mary were you?” Of course, feeling that this was too weird, I said, “I don’t know.”
She looked at me with a smile and said, “Yes you do, close your eyes and tell me which Mary you were.”
So I closed my eyes and heard the word “Magdalene”. And I thought to myself, “Oh great, I am the prostitute.” She started to cry and said I was right and then she went on to tell me a different story about The Christ and The Magdalene.

This afternoon conversation with this woman was like dynamite. It blew up my narrow world view and shook me to the core. I did some research. I read Margaret Starbird’s The Woman with the Alabaster Jar and began to accept that the world wasn’t as I had thought and there was more to me than this funny fumbling human that I was pretending to be. Of course I sought other opinions. I talked to channelers and astrologers and without my saying anything they all confirmed that I had some kind of connection to the energy known as “Mary Magdalene”.
One astrologer said that I would never know if I was her, but my chart showed a strong connection to her and that I was “of her essence.” Since that time, I have met many people who have a strong connection to the Magdalene and one woman said that The Magdalene is the archetypal energy of the feminine Christ consciousness and that energy is returning to this planet at this time and many people, men and women connect with her. As far as my connection to the Magdalene is concerned, I feel that what she did for Christ I am here to do for humanity. I believe that the second coming of Christ is truly about each of us as humans having the opportunity to embody the Christ Consciousness and it is my work with reflexology, the meridian system and both the Akashic Records and The Tablets of the Moon that allows me to support individuals in embodying this energy. By using all of the tools in my toolbox I help people release beliefs and blockages(physical, spiritual and emotional) that keep them from fully bringing their unique spiritual knowing into human form and empowering them to use their gifts and knowing for the good of all.


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