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We at Phillips Architecture and Planning Inc. are ever diligent at bringing our Nationally acclaimed design to every project while meeting the objectives of the desired budget. Energy efficiency and our ever increasing awareness of sustainability are our passion and commitment to you and future generations to come.

In addition to National awarded design we design homes and buildings that have much lower utility costs. We also focus on utilizing finishes and materials that are safe to breathe and require less maintenance.

Our planning mission is to design developments where the electrical power grid is fueled by energy that emits oxygen not carbon. Reduction of green house gases is our latest care in planning. Previous work have been passive and active solar systems (where applicable), geo thermal, grey water reuse for landscaping etc., storm water best management practices and mixed use home work areas. We also celebrate play, walk, hike and gathering spaces. We find with thoughtful planning we use less and gain more. Well functioning and aesthetically pleasing work is just a fraction of what we enjoy in our planning and architectural designs. 

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