Interspecies communication

Interspecies communication

Elke Duerr

Web Of Life Foundation W.O.L.F.


“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

Mahatma Gandhi


Interspecies communication-

Remembering what we already know to be true.      A look at our relationship to animals and the natural world from the perspective of Unity Consciousness.


India has just recently given non-human personhood status to whales and dolphins because of their sensitivities and intelligence and native peoples have long valued animals as distinct other nations, the animal nations.

Interspecies communication is important for developing an understanding and appreciation of animals and ultimately the whole natural world that we are sharing this planet with. Everybody benefits from our intention to wholeheartedly communicate with other animal species. Our pets are sometimes displaying behaviors and symptoms that if left undetected can lead to health issues. Domestic animals carry traumas just like we do, store them in their bodies and can be in distress.

Or we want animals to perform a certain way, have certain expectations for them that they are unable to fulfill and that causes them stress and anxiety.

And in the case of our wild animals we need to be in communication about what they need, what is happening in their world and how we can be of service to their thriving on this planet.

It is time for us humans to make decisions WITH our animals form a standpoint of unity with them. In such a way that we will be communicating directly with them what they need and how they are doing. Instead of being separate from other life forms, we humans are a part of the web of life just like everybody else. Now is the time to practice Unity Consciousness where all life forms have a right to inhabit this earth and have their needs met:

 “We grant to our neighbors, even our animal neighbors the same right as to ourselves: to inhabit this land.” –

Sitting Bull, a Lakota Sioux Chief, 1877



Psychic animal communication is available to all of us. We all have the ability to talk to the animals. When we go back to our childhood we might remember that we used to communicate with other life forms and that it felt natural to us.

Personally, I have communicated with nature and the animals for as long as I can remember. It always seemed like the way to go, like everybody was doing it. Pretty soon, though, I learned to hide this fact from just about everybody, including close family members. In my Germanic, rational culture that valued work and productivity alongside with high scores in school, there was no room for talking to and with the animals, trees and nature in general. Dr. Jane Goodall has been my heroine as long as I have known her and one thing I have in common with her among other things, is the fact that I would sit perfectly still and observe and be with the animals, wild and domesticated and forget about time, space and my family’s warning to be home at a certain time. And that I communicated with the animals and hence learned about their families, fears, state of mind and health.

We use our intuition to receive this kind of information from the animals, which is a non-linear quality of our heart and brain. And as a matter of fact, who among us has not had these intuitive hits before where we “just knew” that something had happened to a loved one, had received an intuitive hit on who was on the phone before we picked it up or looked at it (in the times before caller ID), or had a bodily sensation towards another human’s energy, such as “It gave me the creeps”? The key is to trust and hone these intuitive skills and insights and to not go into doubt about them because we have been taught not to trust intuition and the knowing of our heart, but to exclusively use our head. (She has a good head on her shoulder, e.i. )

During my childhood interspecies communication experiences, it was my innocence and purity of outlook, lack of fear and separation that connected me to all other life forms and had all boundaries between us dissolve in a flash. Then life happened and things got a little more complicated, busy and separate altogether. What came naturally to me back then now requires a little more tuning in and me setting an intention.

Why not receive the answer to our questions directly from the source, the animal we would like to communicate with? Instead of guessing and solving a certain human-animal situation exclusively with human inspired problem solving skills I invite you to have an open mind and to consider the possibility of including the animal’s perspective and needs. 

Responses from the animals can include an inner knowing, images, colors, sensations in the body, emotions and feelings, words and sounds. It is different for everybody and there is not one “right way” of receiving information and answers. Everything we perceive as a response from the animals gets passed by our personal data bank and evaluated. All this can happen without the animal being physically present. In fact, in some cases it is better for the animal not to be in the same room when we ask them a question out of respect for their physical space. This way we also avoid staring at them or needlessly focusing on their physical body.

It is important that we are grounded and in a non-egoic state before we approach communicating with an animal. Our intentions need to be clear as to why we want to communicate with this particular animal. The clearer our intentions are, the better. Our personal energy needs to be settled and calm, free of fear and apprehensions and doubt, so that our reflection inside of the animal is benevolent and clear. Once this intention is set, we begin the conversation. First, I usually tell the animal who I am and why I am wanting to talk to them. I make contact with with them, greet them, tell them a little about myself if they do not know me yet.

I set an intention to meet the animals on their own terms, to be a visitor as opposed to an intruder and I am crystal clear about the fact that the earth is their home as well. In fact as it is the case with wilderness areas: It is the only territory left to them that is unspoiled for them, a sliver of their former habitat.


Here is a personal encounter with a Grizzly bear that underscores this state of mind:

While out hiking in wild country I came upon a male Grizzly bear who was eating berries. The air between us was curious, peaceful, still and calm and hence we made contact. In a spontaneous way, right from my heart I told him “I love you” and thanked him for his presence on the mountain. He communicated back to me that he was glad to meet a human being who was not afraid of him and did not feel any fear or animosity towards him. This gave him a deep sense of relief and joy since he had been taught to avoid humans at any cost because we are so dangerous to them. Our peaceful encounter opened up another channel: the channel of the recognition of who we truly are in our essence. We looked at each other in sacred and ancient recognition of one another, two benevolent beings: bear and woman. Then, the fleeting and holy moment in time had passed. I kept on walking and he kept on eating.

This telepathic language is universal and available to all of us through our intuitive skills.

New physics relate it to the energy that animates all matter and studies on this topic are being done to further explain the universal phenomena of telepathy.

I invite you to give it a try and see what happens …


Interspecies Communication Workshop description:

What we are doing together:

Participants tune into the animals’ state of mind, needs, joys, traumas, fears and pain. We reconnect with our natural abilities that have been available to us since childhood. We use intention and focus, listen deeply and learn how to trust what we perceive, e.i. conveying physical problems that animals might have to be a voice for the voiceless animals.

Participants receive information from their animals through various channels, including thoughts, sensations, feelings, mental images, inner knowings, perception of inner hearing.

Exercises and meditations to ground us and trust our intuitive abilities are made available and we work together on getting a clear picture of what the animals would like to convey to us. Pictures of pets are welcome.

I am looking forward to connect with all of you and the animals!



Thank you. This was beautiful. We are truly all connected.”

“When I was a child I used to talk to the animals, but then I had to forget how to do it because of life. Now I am reconnected to that part in me that knows how to do it.”

“Thank you so much. I remember now …”

“Thank you soooo much! I used to have to hide my communicating with the animals and suffered greatly from it. Now I will keep that channel open for sure. Thank you again.” 





Elke Duerr
Web Of Life Foundation W.O.L.F.

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