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Chad Phillips presentation archive


 IONS Presentation Series

Thursday February  12  7:00 PM

 at the Bohemian Grange Hall  ( click for map)

Chad Phillips
in Concert with Moat:

Giving Insights Into
Creating Your Most Passionate Life Destiny.

The service offered will provide some general background (process-personal life experiences) approximately 10 minutes and then followed by your participation. The process offered will be modeled and experienced by you so you can continue personally communing with our Creator as often as you wish. This is the gateway for you to achieve happiness, love, gratitude, joy and peace this life.

In addition there will be supplemental information provided that you can take home and read to instill the procedure you may stay with our Creator.

“Soaring Wings”, author of How to Give to Know God: The Joy of Pretending, Living Nirvana Love: The Three Ways to Lasting LoveThe Light of Heaven: Ailments in Recovery, and Play Your Life: Gaming Imagination Prayer was born into a low income USA household only to become a high income household later in youth. Chad currently resides in Montana where he plays and intuitively channels care for people with a dream to grow and be big in life. He serves people with health ailments and provides real economically viable solutions to environmental travesties affecting our lives. His services may be reached through and In addition he provides regenerative architectural and land planning services through his boutique architectural practice.


Medicine to many Men and Women is a drug that is used to counteract a poison in the blood etc. The drug taken is in many instances a life.

The life that gives to one ailing today is a life that is received in gratitude. The key to any transformation from illness to health begins with being grateful for living. The living are aware that time stands still when one gives as well. To focus on a trauma or illness will invariably begin a process of more traumas.

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The author “Soaring Wings” is guided by the spirit of “Moat.”



Soaring Wings is a name that was given to me by creator and in modern English terms through extrasensory perception.  Many call this Clairaudience, Clairvoyance and Clairsentience etc. and was given when I started living a life of “asking” so as to remind people that I am a being that is in the care of our creator.

Some aboriginal tribes gave ceremonies where a person could receive a second name by being guided by the eternal through their asking.  In the Christian bible this is explained in Psalm 23.  Psalm 23 describes one to be a Shepherd.  To be shepherded one must ask “Space” for cures, remedies etc. to know the needed service or action to take.  Once given the cure through your extrasensory perception “highest consciousness” one can act with assuredness.

Many have lost the knowing of asking “Space” for answers and thus lost the will to know what to do in the face of a travesty or uncertainty.  As with many faith customs “Space” cures the evil or sickness everywhere.  To acquire the wisdom from “Space” one must ask from an intention of care giver.  Once the question is asked from the mind of care giver, the answer immediately comes in your extrasensory perception.  All you need to do is listen more keenly.


Soaring Wings

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