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    Chad Phillips presentation archive

       IONS Presentation Series Thursday February  12  7:00 PM  at the Bohemian Grange Hall  ( click for map) Chad Phillips in Concert with Moat: Giving Insights Into Creating Your Most Passionate Life Destiny. The service offered will provide some general background (process-personal life experiences) approximately 10 minutes …

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    The Creative Principle”

      The Creative Principle”  A Cosmology for the 21st Century by William O. Joseph   There is a growing awareness on our planet that something is systemically wrong with the way we have organized human affairs. Our old cultural belief systems are breaking down at …

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    Phillips Architecture and Planning, Inc

        Architectural Grace That Touches The Soul         We at Phillips Architecture and Planning Inc. are ever diligent at bringing our Nationally acclaimed design to every project while meeting the objectives of the desired budget. Energy efficiency and our ever increasing …

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