Our History

Flathead Valley IONS Community Group

From The Beginning


The Flathead Valley IONS Community Group was formed during February of 2004 when about a dozen interested people met at a home located at the south end of Blanchard Lake to explore the creation of an IONS community group. Susan Burns from the Seattle area & Kent Moline from Spokane facilitated the weekend gathering, as they had considerable experience with community groups throughout the northwest.

Periodic meetings of members from this founding group met for several months, refining goals & procedures before holding the first public meeting at the Bohemian Grange Hall in October 14 of that year.

The stated purpose of the group was “To align with (but not be limited by) the stated goals and research of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, . . .  with the intention to expand our awareness and understanding of reality and the nature of consciousness through exploring a range of selected “Noetic” topics.” Personal, community, societal, and global transformation were viewed as desirable  outcomes.

The Flathead Valley IONS Community Group is one of about 200 around the world, which vary in terms of structure, membership, programs, and emphasis.  For further information, go to       www.noetic.org     and explore the extensive content there on community groups).


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