About: IONS Community Group

Welcome to the Flathead IONS Community Group


There are nearly 200 self-organizing Community Groups meeting around the world that link themselves to, and are recognized by, the Institute of Noetic Sciences. The groups bring together a dynamic collection of people dedicated to exploring a wide range of noetic topics toward a personal and collective shift in consciousness through conversations that matter.

Most bring science and spirituality together in interesting ways. They begin as like-minded people gathering to exchange mind-based ideas and morph into heart-based islands of friendship and enlightenment across the land.

There is power and magic in this intimate face to face connection and sharing of ideas and experiences in a safe space. Groups often meet to discuss Shift magazine articles, IONS books, inspiring films, and downloads of IONS teleseminars. For a more thorough description, look at the Community Group Purpose and Principles section of Group Basics.


The generous support of our Sponsors  help make it possible to continue bringing evocative and informative presentations to the Valley and to keep you informed of important events

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