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Noetic Sciences: Encouraging open-minded explorations of consciousness through the meeting of science and spirit.

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Jeanette Cheney of the Wellness Education Center is IONS April Sponsor

Thursday April 10

7:00 PM at the Bohemian Grange Hall 

IONS Flathead Community Presents:


Reverend Charlotte Tinker

“Channeling Quan Yin”


Committed to acting as a channel for Quan Yin since 1987, Charlotte says, with a smile, “my life has never been the same!” She has edited and self-published two books of Quan Yin’s channeled teachings: QuanYinSpeaks:WisdomForANewCentury,andQuanYinSpeaks:

EmbracingFifthDimensionConsciousness. Charlotte has also self-published a book of her own observations and teachings: “Musings From A Displaced Goddess Living in the Twentieth Century”.

She shares clips of her channeling session with Quan Yin on www.YouTube, search Charlotte Tinker.

Charlotte has been in private practice since 1990, serving a large and ever expanding community, healing, teaching, channeling and celebrating Life’s ebb and flow in an ever changing world.

Quan Shih Yin
The One who Hears the Cries of the World

“This Earth, as part of the Whole of Creation, is evolving into a higher vibratory rate.
It does this with you or without you.”
From: Quan Yin Speaks: Embracing Fifth Dimension Consciousness

Known by many names throughout the world, Quan Yin is said to have sprung from the tears of Avalokitesvara, the male representation of Compassion in Buddhism, as it made it’s way into China many centuries ago (tradition says sometime between
121 and 95 BC). Quan Yin embodies the essence of the divine feminine and as such is not bound by any religious traditions.

In this time of major transformation of the energies of the world, Quan Yin provides the unconditional, uncompromising love, mercy and compassion so needed for the world and all of its peoples to come into a state of harmony and peace.

She will happily address your personal concerns or questions. She will most likely speak to the transformation into 5th dimension consciousness we are all experiencing.

Reverend Charlotte Tinker has been channeling for the public for more than 20 years. She has an extensive background and formal education in the healing arts, and continues to provide a broad spectrum of classes and workshops. Begun in 2001, Charlotte continues to support a weekly Meditation Group and a weekly Sitting Circle in Monterey.

My life’s purpose:
Support and encourage every person to live with compassion
Practice Peace …. Hold Light …. Heal Pain and Fear
Embody “Perfect Love Manifested”
Embrace Change …. Become Joy

Contact her at: starwize9@gmail.com: www.quanyinspeaks.com or on FaceBook


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