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IONS Presentation Series
Thursday April 9  7:00 PM

at the Bohemian Grange Hall ( click for map)


  Evolving Permaculture:

Place Sourced Regenerative Planning

Speaker: Tim Murphy


A founding member of Regenesis Group, Tim has 25 years experience in whole-systems site assessment and project planning. He specializes in the integration of ecology and culture to create new potential for land, economic, and community development.

Tim has also been a pioneer in permaculture education and design. He studied for a number of years under Bill Mollison, who created permaculture as an interdiscliplinary approach to land use and community development. Tim brings an advanced systems-thinking approach to permaculture practice, enabling his clients to leverage their projects to influence and be supported by whole systems. He is internationally recognized for his whole-systems site assessments and for his revealing insight into the systemic patterns of economic growth and decline.

Recent notable projects include Playa Viva, a regenerative resort project adjacent to a valuable archaeological site in Juluchuca, Mexico; and the Villages at Loreto Bay, a mixed-use community development in Baja California Sur that made the regeneration of a critical estuarine ecosystem foundational to its project vision.


Regenesis is a world leader in the field of regenerative development—an approach to land use, community planning, and the built environment that has defined the leading edge of sustainability practice for over two decades.

Regenesis was founded in 1995 as a coalition of pioneers, bringing together top educators in the field of permaculture (sustainable land-use planning) with thought leaders in the world of business planning and organizational development. The founders’ mission was to transform the development industry into one that contributes to, rather than undermines, the health of the planet. Quickly, the Regenesis approach attracted leaders in the then-emerging green building movement, who have brought this work into diverse project settings around the globe.

In 2012, Regenesis launched a series of educational offerings for sustainability practitioners interested in integrating regenerative development into their practice. This program is ongoing, and now supports an emerging network of regenerative development practitioners in communities all over the world.