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Noetic Sciences: Encouraging open-minded explorations of consciousness through the meeting of science and spirit.

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IONS Presentation Series
Thursday May 12,  7:00 PM


 Denise Dryden will Discuss:

“How to Understand the Gifts of the Millennial Generation” 


In this presentation, Denise will explore the established goals and rigidity of the 20th Century western culture, the foundational anchors that are slipping, and gently reveal the known securities that no longer work in our homes, our work environments, and our leadership.

By focusing on the gifts of the Millennial generation, Denise introduces us to the new vibrational human being here to implement the changes necessary to adapt to a world that is in the process of change, and what tools can assist us as we move forward.

 Website:  DeniseDrydenCoaching.com

Facebook Page:  Facebook/DeniseDrydenCoaching

LinkedIn:  LinkedIn/Denise Dryden

Twitter:  Twitter.com/denise_dryden

Phone:  406.871.4322

Email:  DeniseDrydenMT@gmail.com



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