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Noetic Sciences: Encouraging open-minded explorations of consciousness through the meeting of science and spirit.

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IONS Speaker Series

Thursday November 13 7:00 PM

 at the Bohemian Grange Hall 

Presentation by:

Sheri Ridgeway


Transcending the Matrix

Recognizing Our True Divine Power and Wisdom

& The True History of Planet Earth

Sheri Ridgeway is a practicing Medical intuitive and a Communicator with souls in the afterlife. She describes herself as having an ” Avocational passion for educating humanity on our true spiritual nature.”


“I will be sharing a brief description of the several profound transcendental experiences that I’ve had that informed me of our true eternal nature and our relationship to Prime Creator.  Said experiences led to my innate abilities to communicate with spirits on the afterlife/interlife planes of existence; plus extra-dimensional beings.”


Sheri will explore the components of what is typically termed “The Matrix” to unravel the experience humanity on planet Earth has been having for thousands of years.  The ramifications that have, over the past sixty years, severely hampered our free will and knowledge of our divine nature and the reality of the Universe, Galaxy, and our Planet.

The process going on in the individual and in Earth may be overwhelming to cope with at this time.  We will delve into the specific dynamics that are impacting the mind, body, and spirit of Earth, humanity, and individuals.

 The nature of this presentation will be both informative and experiential