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Noetic Sciences: Encouraging open-minded explorations of consciousness through the meeting of science and spirit.

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IONS Presentation Series
Thursday June 9,  7:00 PM


Dr. Kathleen Rosenblatt

”How to Activate our Electromagnetic Laser Body for True Brain-Body-Bliss”

 In her presentation, Dr Rosenblatt will discuss the human electromagnetic laser body and share practical methods to bring it to its full potential.

She invites volunteers to try the Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Stimulator [PEMF] to experience immediate changes in their challenged joints and muscles.  She will demonstrate simple ways to connect mind and body to bring us to our full state of wellbeing and share the simple brilliant Chinese medical explanation of how the organs affect our emotions.  The presentation is both informative and healing.


Kathleen’s study of Chinese medicine, cutting edge neuro-physics, the philosophies of many ancient cultures, and her own personal
breakthrough experiences have led her to create an original warmsynthesis of easily accessible techniques for breaking through the walls of our mental barriers. When we finally truly inhabit our body by directly sensing our cellular life for the first time, it is sometimes a shocking experience: to feel oneself as one large brain— from head to foot. But with a little inner attention to our breath�this substance that fills most of our cellular space, we start to really feel alive. And we are able to tap the intelligence that resides in every cell, as well as the pleasurable endorphin chemicals that seek out the hundred receptor sites in each cell.

In her acupuncture practice, she specialize in depression and anxiety, along with internal disorders and inflammatory conditions. She applies various pleasure inducing techniques during treatments as appropriate and instructs her patients how to customize the best ones for ones life.

Kathleen has studied Eastern and Western approaches to pathology, pain, and mental & emotional dysfunction. As the author of Rene Daumal: The Live & Work of a Mystique Guide (SUNY Press), she draws material from Daumal�s study of Hindu philosophy and the twentieth century�s best spiritual guides, and also draws from her personal work with author Carlos Castaneda. To this she adds the verified science of Chinese medicine and quantum physics, to help us use the planetary energies available to us.

Appointments for healing sessions with Dr. Rosenblatt on Fridayand Saturday (6/10 and 6/11) between 9 am and noon can be made by calling Walter at 406-871-9259. Other times on Monday and Tuesday may be available.

About Dr Rosenblatt and her work






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