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Noetic Sciences: Encouraging open-minded explorations of consciousness through the meeting of science and spirit.

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February Sponsor:

IONS Presentation Series
Thursday February 11,  7:00 PM


Kay Linda Walker


How unconscious programs affect them. 

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Do you wonder why things keep repeating in your life?  Would you like to step out of your box into being the wonderful, joyous person you are?  Come find out what might be blocking you and how to change.

  • Experience a meditation in the Theta brain wave.

  • Grounding technique.

  • Some do’s and don’ts of muscle testing.

  • Learn about the ThetaHealing four belief levels where we hold those unconscious programs.

  • How regrets hold us trapped.

  • Experience new beliefs.

  • Experience some new positive feelings.

 These programs can be ours or ones we are carrying for our family.



Kay Linda Walker

One of my greatest joys is to assist people in realizing their unlimited capacity to live life to the fullest. They do this by using the ThetaHealing technique to simply change those unconscious beliefs they are carrying for themselves or their family and replace them.

I offer this through my classes or private sessions in person or by telephone. I have clients worldwide. My training is varied including Reiki, Access Bars, and many other alternative healing modalities.

Even with such varied training, in 2008 I was shown ThetaHealing to be the most fundamental driven. It uncovers and releases originating belief systems in direct and most profound ways.



 At Coffee Traders Bohemian  Hall ( click for map)