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Noetic Sciences: Encouraging open-minded explorations of consciousness through the meeting of science and spirit.

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June Sponsor:Two Rivers Aikido Kalispell Zen Center

Thursday June 12

7:00 PM at the Bohemian Grange Hall 

IONS Flathead Community Presents:

Randy Wolferding,

The Shaman’s View of the World


 The goal of the shaman is to work fluidly and with awareness through all levels of Reality.  Learning to discriminate the level of reality and to explore an experience from different levels is the practice of the Shaman.  This is the paradigm shift that shamanism brings to the western culture’s emphasis on the literal world.

The levels are:

Consensus Reality:  the literal, everyday world

Dreamland:  the symbolic, metaphoric, mythic, subjective experiences and polarities

Essence:  the place of oneness, enveloped by the Infinite; pre-conscious and pre-verbal

Simple tools will be used to shift into altered states and explore our inner and outer reality from these points of view.  This requires an openness, a curiosity and a respect—all the time—even when you’re one-sided and against whatever is there.  It requires a willingness to be where you are fully, to take your side fully, and then to be willing to take the other side just as fully, and then to open even more and see what else is there.

This is not an easy path but we will make it fun.  Our entire time together we will be attending to these realities, honing awareness to what shows up, following those experiences and what they hold for the individual, relationships and the group.  This is an opportunity to begin experiencing your everyday world by embracing its depth and breadth, hope and horror, joy and fear, ecstasy and defeat and finding the Essence in each and every bit.



Bodywork  is my foundation for educating individuals and groups.  With a meticulous attention to the experiences held in the body, I can facilitate an ever deepening awareness of the physical, functional, emotional, mental and spiritual expressions of the Self.  The work ranges from hands-on to sound, color,  and  movement education and facilitation, to tracking the symptoms to their deeper experience and meaning to the energetic opening, clearing and aligning of the Soul Self to the physically embodied Self.

Process Work is cross-disciplinary approach to support individual and collective change.  Development began in the 1960’s when Dr. Arnold Mindell, a leading Jungian Analyst trainer and physicist, began researching illness as a meaningful expression of the unconscious mind.  Process Work offers new sensory grounded ways of working with areas of life that are experienced as problematic or painful.  When approached with curiosity and respect, physical symptoms, dreams, relationship problems, group conflicts and social tensions can lead to new information vital for integration to the whole self.

With roots in Jungian Psychology, quantum physics, and shamanism, Process Work sees the solution to a problem contained within the disturbance itself.

Shamanism.  The Shaman follows a path of knowledge to be of service—to individuals and to the community.  The goal of the shaman is fluidity—to be able to move fluidly through the worlds.  The primary skill of the shaman is tracking—tracking with awareness through the worlds to find the energetic source of disturbances to the individual and/or the community and tracking the way through to the integration of the essential energy of this “disturbance” as part of the solution.

After 5 years working in organizational development, management and counseling, I began training and working in bodywork in 1980.  In 1995, I began training and working with Process-Oriented Psychology.  I was continually training until 2011 when I had completed 3years of a 4 year master’s program.   In 1997, I began training and working in the Energy Medicine traditions of the Qero Inka of Peru.  I was continually training in this tradition until 2005.  I trained for four years with Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D., of The Four Winds Society. There was one year of training with Theo Paredes of the Poqan Konchay Foundation, and five years with Jose Luis Herrera of the Rainbow Jaguar Institute.  I also had five trips to Peru to work with the Sacred Mountains of the Andes.

My life and work is formed and informed by these three areas of study, training and practice.  Whether working with groups or individuals, I hold the container for the body, heart and soul.


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