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IONS Presentation Series
Thursday  March 9,  7:00 PM

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Jeanette P. Cheney, Health Educator

“Top 5 Tips for Effective Detoxification”

At the Wellness Education Center, Jeanette has taught over 3,500 students in 178 Guided Juice Fast Programs since 2001.  She has helped thousands more thru healthy lifestyle & food prep classes, as well as private consultations.
Jeanette has developed very effective methods for detoxing body, mind & spirit. She will share her top tips for detoxing and how to develop a protocol that best suits your needs.  “The basis of all healing is to detox.  Everyone needs to cleanse and do so regularly.  If you can’t attend a guided program, you can do it at home”, says Jeanette.
Why Fast? 
The foundation of healing is to detox, re-nourish and balance the body, mind, spirit and environment. Faith and education empower the individual and open the door for continued improvement over one’s lifetime
To detoxify & rebalance. Fasting has been used for centuries to increase energy, promote health and well-being and to increase longevity.  Fasting is even more critical in these modern times when we are bombarded with record levels of toxins from many sources.
To free up energy for healing. During a fast, the large amount of energy normally used for digesting food is freed up for healing. Our bodies can’t deal with regular daily digestion and complex toxin elimination at the same time.  Fasting is like “wringing out a sponge full of dirty water,” thereby allowing a new cycle of restored balance.  It can be compared to pushing the reset button on a computer when it is not working properly.  Our bodies are designed so that, during a fast, the toxins (or garbage) are burned first.
To prevent disease. By cleaning out the garbage, fasting has been known to help eliminate or prevent many diseases.  When toxins are cleared from the blood and organs, the body is purified on cellular, emotional and spiritual levels.  Embedded toxins and many of the following unwanted materials may be eliminated from the body:  dead, dying, and diseased cells, fatty tissue and the toxins they hold, excess mucus, cholesterol, chemicals, parasites and drugs.



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